The Myton Building, Edinburgh

The Myton Building is one of Scotland’s early curtain walling system buildings, constructed in 1963. It is a five-storey office building on South East Thistle Street Lane of alternating clear and green glass on the north and south facades. Michael Laird Architects were commissioned to undertake a sensitive conservation of this 20th century iconic building.

The Myton has a column-less facade, which hangs from roof level and is restrained at each floor level. After thirty years of successful occupation by Standard Life, it became apparent that the pioneering curtain wall system was in need of renovation. Michael Laird Architects were commissioned to preserve and restore the facade.


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The entire facade was removed, the concrete cantilevers adjusted and the facade replaced: all the panes were replaced and the bronze capping restored in situ.

The project was completed in 1990.


Myton Building 01