Jenners, Princes St, Edinburgh

Jenners Department Store is an Edinburgh institution, originally dating from 1838. Michael Laird Architects carefully restored the Jenners stonework facade was over a period of two years.

By 1892, the store had expanded to become the largest retail business in Scotland, but late that year a fire destroyed the building. Architect William Hamilton Beattie was commissioned to create a grand new building, which opened in 1895. It was Category A listed by Historic Scotland in 1970. The facade was conceived as an intricate exercise in renaissance architecture using pink sandstone.

This stonework facade was carefully restored over a period of two years from 1995.


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Pioneering survey and cataloguing methods were essential for the management of a highly complex operation. The methodology required that every stone was either conserved in its existing condition, indented (outer face replaced with new stone), or re- carved and replaced. This resulted in the successful restoration of an intricate facade on one of Edinburgh’s most elegant, well known and important buildings.


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