Paull & Williamsons, Aberdeen

Previously spread over three city centre buildings in Aberdeen, Paull and Williamsons selected Union Plaza on Union Wynd as their new, centralised headquarters in 2007.

Working closely with a Steering Group of Partners from P&W, MLA’s design proposals placed glazed Partners’ Rooms in the centre of the floors to enable staff in the open plan areas on either side to benefit from light and air. Teams of lawyers and secretarial support staff are arranged around the 30 Partners’ Rooms bringing the total number of staff accommodated over the two floors to 160 with space to expand this number in the future if required.


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A degree of enclosure in the open plan office areas is provided through the use of storage cabinets in a range of heights to delineate the working groups and to avoid any concern that the new building would have regimented rows of desks.

The working areas are separated from a Client-facing reception and meeting room suite on the fifth floor and there are quiet rooms for confidential matters, storage and filing areas, copier and printer areas, server rooms, a library, training room, tea points / break out areas and a small cafe.


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