Residential Masterplan, South Queensferry

This project is an indicative masterplan for housing on the site of a now disused industrial site on the outskirts of South Queensferry. The masterplan provides for a range of residential accommodation (including affordable units), commercial uses and employment opportunities, with strong footpath links through the site to surrounding areas, a strong landscape structure of formal and informal spaces and high quality public realm and urban form.

At the core of the design proposal is the desire to create a rich environment which offers a variety of spatial experiences and encourages a vibrant urban realm. The masterplan, informed by a thorough Public Consultation, utilises a variety of spaces to help to create a clear and structured masterplan. An obvious hierarchy of both green spaces and streets acts as a tool for spatial organisation of neighbourhoods and masterplan zones.


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The aim is to provide a coherent structure to the masterplan to allow existing and new communities to enjoy high quality links and green space amenities in a carefully coordinated way. It is also important to create distinct links to the mixed use area to maximise the opportunity.

The layout contains a mix of uses that are appropriate in scale and character with the location and surrounding local amenities. The masterplan seeks to provide for a quality environmental that links with the surrounding community and is consistent with government guidance on good design and place making.


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