Falkirk Wheel Cafe

British Waterways have commissioned Michael Laird Architects to design an additional cafe facility at Scotland’s second most popular tourist attraction – the Falkirk Wheel.

The cafe will be located opposite the Wheel on the northern side of the canal basin adjacent to a children’s play park, nestled in beside the existing tree line. The new cafe will be separate from the existing facilities, offering visitors a new perspective from which to view the Wheel.

The proposal is a simple wooden box with an angled roof and sloping front and rear walls; a dynamic form with a sleek & modern aesthetic. The exterior will be clad in dark stained timber contrasting with the warmth of the interior, which will be clad in cedar or larch. The main feature of the design is the fully glazed south facade which directs views out towards the Falkirk Wheel. In summer the glazing will slide open, encouraging visitors to spill out onto the grassy banks of the basin.

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Falkirk Wheel Cafe 01