Mixed Use Development, Fort Augustus

Our proposal seeks to create a high quality mixed used development which incorporates the revival of an existing historic building. The development will be a hub for Fort Augustus, acting as a focus for activities around the Caledonian Canal that runs through the town. The development will contain a mix of retail, cafe/bar and tourist information.

The scheme will provide flexible mixed use space which can be divided into two or more premises, taking full advantage of the views and accessible site location. Parking will be located at the rear of the building, sheltered by the copious tree coverage which will be retained to the greatest extent possible.


  • Fort Augustus 01
  • Fort Augustus 05
  • Fort Augustus 02
  • Fort Augustus 04
  • Fort Augustus 06
  • Fort Augustus 03

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It is the aim of the project to create high quality architecture that reflects and complements the rich historic context of the site, both in terms of use of materials and its disciplined approach to street and faade.


Fort Augustus 01