East Fettes Avenue, Edinburgh
113,000 sqft Net area

High-quality residential comprising five Villa blocks and twelve townhouses, served by underground parking set back from the road and existing mature trees. Spectacular views exist from the ten Penthouses. Materials include brick, reconstituted stone, zinc and larch.

This rectilinear site fronts onto East Fettes Avenue with views north and south over playing fields. There is a 6m drop from the north across the site. An avenue of large mature trees screens the site from the main road to the west.


  • East Fettes Avenue 12
  • East Fettes Avenue 09
  • East Fettes Avenue 08
  • East Fettes Avenue 11
  • East Fettes Avenue 07
  • East Fettes Avenue 10

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Underlying our concept was a desire to screen the housing from the road and maximise views, especially south to Edinburgh Castle. The concept was a linear park that connects all 84 units. Either side of this space are 5 apartment blocks, and to the quieter side, 12 townhouses. Circulation is routed through this central space. The linear park – open at both ends – maximises key long-distance views.


East Fettes Avenue 12