HBOS Leeds and Halifax

Strategic feasibility study for two new 3,000W/m2 data centres for HBOS in Yorkshire. Upgrading and fit out of existing facilities is continuing.

HBOS Pudsey and Copley – fit out of existing building shell forming new data halls.

HBOS Pudsey and Copley – remedial works within existing data halls to extend life of halls, due for completion early 2010. Significant technical issues have been overcome to carry out refurbishment in a live data hall environment with the need to replace the raised access floor.


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HBOS Copley
1525m2, 1600W/m2, TIER 3+ facility for HBOS

HBOS Pudsey
1525m2, 1600W/m2, TIER 3+ facility as mirror of Copley facility.


HBOS Copley 02